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12 Habits of Highly Productive People


  1. They have daily dedicated planning time.
  2. They take care of quick tasks immediately.
  3. They prioritize their to-do list.
  4. They identify and utilize their productivity window.
  5. They know when (and when not to) multitask.
  6. They use a planning/scheduling tool that works for their lifestyle.
  7. They take breaks.
  8. They’re realistic about how much time things take.
  9. They have someone hold them accountable.
  10. They’re perfectionists, but only when it counts.
  11. They delegate the right way.
  12. They appreciate what did get done instead of stressing over what didn’t.

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Mengumpat & memfitnah


“Sekiranya ada padanya apa yang kamu katakan, maka kamu telah mengumpatnya, jika tiada padanya apa yang kamu katakan maka kamu telah memfitnahnya.” (Riwayat Muslim)